Essex Management - What to Expect

What You Should Expect

The day–to–day activities of your community’s management team include many different tasks, but most will fall under the following general headings:

Advise and provide administrative, managerial and operational counsel to the Board of Directors in order to assist the Board in decision making and operation the business affairs of the Association.

Perform site inspections of the community and individual homes for resale certificates.

Direct the enforcement of the restrictive covenants.

Solicit, evaluate and assist in acquiring insurance consistent with the accordance with instructions form the Board of Directors.

Supervise maintenance activities and contractor performances.

Provide and explain association financial reports, which are kept in accordance with GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles).

Financial collections and disbursements (including the collection of delinquent accounts and working with title companies prior to the selling of a home).

Help develop association budgets.

Work with an independent CPA firm selected by the Board of Directors to audit the associations books and records.

Serve as a receiving center for association related homeowner and vendor telephone calls.

Essex Association Management, LP

The Essex Experience

Ron Corcoran, principal of Essex Management located in Carrollton, has more than 20 years of management experience. Created in 2008, Essex Management gives a higher quality of service to homeowners and developers alike. The rules and regulations for the HOA communities can seem complex at times, but our management philosophy is to empower the homeowners, its community committees and its Advisory boards. Thus assisting homeowners to interpret their rules and regulations for their communities.

The Essex staff is committed to providing expedient service whenever possible, hence the "Essex Experience". If you have any questions concerning Essex Management or its role in your community, do not hesitate to contact our office with the info below.

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