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Essex Management - Discover the Difference

We're not like all of the other management companies.

Years ago we decided to head in a different direction by taking an entirely new approach to association management. We set out to be different from our competitors and our clients are happy that we did.

As you shop for a new management company you'll notice that the list of services offered by management companies are pretty much the same. Most management companies will manage your bookkeeping, perform compliance inspections, process architectural submissions, take homeowner calls, etc. While the list of services we provide are the same, with Essex Management, the way those services are performed is different. Refreshingly Different!

Essex Management - Discover the Difference
Essex Management - Discover the Difference

Why make the change to Essex Management?

It’s because of our refreshingly different customer service. Years ago we set out to solve the problem that plagues our industry: the overloaded community manager and lack of community participation including communication. Talk to our other Essex Management clients and you’ll discover they get same day returned phone calls and emails, projects completed on time and under budget, best-in-class financial tools, unmatched insurance coverage, and a team of experts who can answer all their questions. 

What we do for you.

We assign a team member to each association. Your community manager is your liaison and oversees projects as well as attends your regular Board meetings. Your site manager handles all property assessments through the community to enforce CC&Rs as well as oversee that the community is in good shape. They are our eyes in your association a few times a month. A member of our bookkeeping staff handles financial reports and payments to vendors. They also answer calls and respond to emails from Board members and owners.

We are proud of the refreshingly different customer service we provide to Essex Management clients. We would love to welcome you to the Essex Management family.

We provide the following services:

  • Accounting Services
  • Consulting
  • Community Relations Specialists
  • Covenant & Deed Restriction Enforcement
  • Financial Reporting
  • Project Management
  • Minute Recording

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Essex Management - Discover the Difference